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Welcome to my site. Carnivorous plants have a reputation for being difficult to grow, it is my intention to help take the mystery out of growing these unique plants. With only a few rules to follow (soil, light, and water) growing these rewarding plants can be easy, if not downright simple.

Feel free to peruse the various pages on my site for details, tips and tricks to help make you a successful grower.

If you pay attention, and follow directions, I will have you growing your plants to their best potential.

From this…

sick flytrap
Sickly Dionaea (Venus Flytrap)
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To this…

healthy flytrap
Healthy Dionaea (Venus Flytrap)


As a hobbyist, I intend to help others with my learned knowledge of growing great plants. I have extended my passion to sprouting seedlings, and collecting fun, unique and possibly rare specimens from all over. These will at times be available in my online store for purchase. Feel free to check out my current inventory (link at top of page).

I can also answer any questions, help with your decisions, and provide consultation via Google Meet, Microsoft Team, or Zoom meeting, if needed.

I may be able to help find/locate rarer species for your collection as well.

Bulk purchases may be available at certain times.

I am considering erecting a greenhouse in the spring to increase my growing space.


My current grow area:

In addition to my favorite plants (photo at top), I also have a tent setup to grow seedlings, and adolescent plants as well.

grow tent