Utricularia amethystina flower
Utricularia amethystina flower
Traps of Utricularia aurea
Traps of Utricularia aurea
Utricularia graminifolia (tissue culture)
Utricularia graminifolia (tissue culture)


Full to part sun, or very bright artificial lights, such as fluorescent or LED. More details about light is available on this page (Link).


Use the tray method for terrestrial and tropical bladderworts, keeping the soil wet at all times. Use water with no mineral content, such as rain, distilled or reverse osmosis. More details on water can be reviewed on this page (Link).

Temperature and Dormancy:

There are 200+ species of Bladderworts and they grow across the globe, thus they come from varied climates. Tropical species do best in warm greenhouses and terrariums. The terrestrial bladderworts make wonderful, miniature, flowering ground cover in the spaces around your other carnivorous plants and can take temperature from 40-90 degrees.

No dormancy is required.


Plastic containers with drainage holes work best for terrestrial and epiphytic species. Most terrestrials also do well in un-drained containers. If you wish to view the bladders on terrestrials, grow them in glass containers with removable black plastic sheeting of construction paper wrapped along the outside of the glass below the soil level.

Detailed information about soil mixtures can be found on my soil page here (Link).

Fertilizer and Feeding:

Maxsea fertilizer can also be applied, once per month on the foliage only. Dilute 1/4 teaspoon of Maxsea into one gallon of water before application. More information about fertilizer can be viewed here (Link) and is also available on my store (Link).